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"Water Toolkit"

This “Water Toolkit” has been developed by RMIT University in collaboration with the Smart Water Fund, Yarra Valley Water, Hume City Council, City of Whittlesea and the Plenty Food Group.

This 12 month project studied the water use and waste of 10 food manufactures, all varying in size, production volume and type. The results developed the “Water Toolkit”, a valuable workplace tool for all food manufacturers. The toolkit gives a practical understanding of water use and where savings can be affordably made for all industries.

The “Water Toolkit” will assist food manufacturers and other industries to identify and prioritise water saving initiatives to maximise water savings.

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All asumptions about fixture consumption and usage were made based on research undertaken by RMIT University

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Project Partners

RMIT Smart Water Fund Yarra Valley Water City of Whittlesea Hume City Council