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The Plenty Food Group has developed strong business relationships with major educational and industry bodies to provide valuable resources to benefit our food manufacturers. The Group will continue to investigate and inform you of exciting and valuable industry initiatives.

"Beyond Waste Project"

A Waste/Resource Initiative for the Food Manufacturing Sector

The PFG is nearing the completion of a major two year resource project with RMIT University and funded by Sustainability Victoria. The Beyond Waste Food project will deliver an industry tool that will allow food manufacturers to get a true indication of what their waste is actually costing them. In many cases it can be 10 to 20 times the cost of disposal.

This project readdresses waste as a resource, with the aim of either increasing efficiencies and/or finding alternative uses and revenues to avoid landfill. This project will deliver valuable savings, benefits, efficiencies and sustainable practices to our food industry.

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Beyond Wast Project

"Water Toolkit"

A Water Saving Initiative

This “Water Toolkit” has been developed by RMIT University in collaboration with the Smart Water Fund, Yarra Valley Water, Hume City Council, City of Whittlesea and the Plenty Food Group.

Water Toolkit Start

This 12 month project studied the water use and waste of 10 food manufactures, all varying in size, production volume and type. The results developed the “Water Toolkit”, a valuable workplace tool for all food manufacturers. The toolkit gives a practical understanding of water use and where savings can be affordably made for all industries.

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The “Water Toolkit” will assist food manufacturers and other industries to identify and prioritise water saving initiatives to maximise water savings.

R & D - RMIT University

Melbourne’s north has a tremendous resource available in RMIT

RMIT University Food Science division have the facilities to assist you with your food research and development needs. Small and large scale projects are welcome and can be cost effective with Government funding available to suitable projects.

RMIT University Food Science are Specialists in:

RMIT University Food Science Specialise in the Development of Food Products:

RMIT University Food Science People are Qualified Specialists in:

For more information and to take advantage of RMIT University Food Science services, download and complete the faxback form, or contact Margaret McLelland on 9217 2148 or email mym@whittlesea.vic.gov.au

Download the faxback form

WELL Programme - NMIT

Providing quality training for your industry

Funded by the Department of Education, Science and Training, the WELL Programme enables organisations with broad communication needs to access a generous government subsidy to help fund vocationally based training in the workplace.

The training provider, NMIT, is a long standing and highly respected provider of the WELL Programme with specialist expertise in the delivery of workplace communication skills and language and literacy support. NMIT has established working relationships with members of the Plenty Food Group including the Original Juice Company, Inghams Chickens and Chiquita Mushrooms.

Communication training in the workplace enables employees to participate fully in the workplace and understand what is required of them and how their efforts contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives.

The NMIT WELL Programme places an experienced and qualified trainer at your worksite for one or more days per week over 42 weeks. It is your decision what and how much training is delivered. The training is customised using your policies, procedures and workplace examples and accommodates shift arrangements, employee release constraints and peak operation times.

For more information and to take advantage of NMIT services, download and complete the faxback form, or contact Margaret McLelland on 9217 2148 or email mym@whittlesea.vic.gov.au

Download the faxback form