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The NMIT WELL Program

The WELL Program is an important workplace training initiative offered by the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

WELL enables an organisation with broad communications needs to access a generous government subsidy to help fund vocationally based training in the workplace.

NMIT is a registered training provider that delivers a wide range of consulting, customised training and support services to industry, government and educational sectors in the local community, throughout Australia and internationally.

NMIT specialises in the delivery of industry based soft skills training and support through the WELL Program. Our service directly addresses training and support issues relevant to your workplace to help you to develop a workforce with the skills to meet your current and future business needs.

WELL funding is accessed through a WELL Application that we prepare with your input and submit on your behalf. It is your decision what and how much training is delivered and who is trained. The NMIT WELL Program is delivered over a period of 41 weeks.

The service that NMIT provides has the following benefits:

NMIT has delivered the NMIT WELL Program to members of the Plenty Food Group including Golden Circle, Inghams Enterprises and Mushroom Exchange.

For further information please contact Tina Berghella on (03) 9774 3938.

The NMIT WELL Program in Food Processing

Communications training in the workplace enables employees to participate fully in the workplace and understand what is required of them and how their efforts contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives.

WELL is most interested in the benefits accruing to the organisation and the participants and, where possible, the training is linked to Units of Competency from relevant Training Packages.

The WELL Program is important in the food processing industry because it supports the development of critical skills areas such as following OHS procedures, working in a team, leadership, understanding quality and continuous improvement.

Some needs that have been addressed at other manufacturing sites through the NMIT WELL Program include:

For further information about the NMIT WELL Program please contact Tina Berghella on (03) 97743938.