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Palomba Antipasti Pty Ltd
Palomba Antipasti Pty Ltd

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69 Newman Street

-37.755975 144.982214

work national Phone: +61 3 9484 6333

work national fax Fax: +61 3 9484 6033

Web: www.ddesserts.com.au

Whether you are bringing home a delicacy for your family or a dreamy delight for yourself, our mouth watering Ddesserts will deliver the ultimate gourmet experience. There is a range of delectable desserts that look so damn good you can't miss them in the fridge at your favourite store. Made in Australia, using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, the know-how of 25 years experience makes our Ddesserts truly unique and delicious.

Triple Chocolate Mouse

Triple Chocolate Mouse

Once a delicacy only available in the finest of French restaurants, Ddesserts brings you a chocolate mousse so rich and creamy it will satisfy even the most discerning of chocolate lovers. Serve it after dinner as a delectable dessert.



Such a classic Italian favourite can never be wrong, especially this one. Made with fresh cream and heavenly cheese sitting on top of a coffee drenched savioardi sponge base and sprinkled with cocoa to give you a sophisticated zip.

HACCP CertifiedHalal CertifiedExporterDairy Accreditation

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