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Rizo Premium Desserts
Rizo Premium Desserts

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Welcome to Stage One of the Plenty Food Groupís Products Directory.

Over time this directory will grow to showcase thousands of individual products from independent food manufacturers catering for the retail, food service and hospitality markets, locally, nationally and internationally.

Plenty Food Group Products

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Looking for a product that is not listed here, contact the Plenty Food Group or use the Product Enquiry form and we will help you find what you are looking for.

The Plenty Food Group can also assist buyers with the consolidation of products.

Stage Two

Is due for completion in late May 2009 will allow users to refine their product searches with product qualifiers, which will only show products for certain markets or conditions. The qualifiers will include:

- Food Service
- Retail
- Export ready products
- Halal
- Kosher
- Gluten Free
- Shelf Stable
- Refrigerated
- Frozen

Stage Three

Will give you the ability to select favourite products and view them in one screen.